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Clients I work with:

Individual adults and young people over the age of 16


How I deliver sessions:

Face to face, Online and telephone sessions are all available.

Sessions are not time limited meaning you can have therapy for as long as you feel it is beneficial.

Counselling is a way for you to work through your issues without someone giving you advice but encourage you to be able to explore some solutions as what is best for you. Well- meaning loved ones may think they are giving support, but often we need to work our issues out for ourselves and understand and be comfortable with what is right for us. Speaking to a counsellor gives you the space to do this, and I will truly listen to you in a non-judgmental manner to enable you to make the changes and help you find the answers you are seeking.

I provide a safe space to support and work with you to explore your issues to help you gain a better understanding of yourself to reflect, grow and initiate the changes you are hoping to make.  Our relationship is therefore built on trust, empathy and is completely non-judgmental. I work with you at your pace, and will listen and hear you to help you gain the changes and answers you are searching for.

In Buddhism, the blue lotus symbolises the victory of spirit over the senses, and the triumph of wisdom over suffering. In India, the flower represents the individual’s unfoldment and the soul’s expansion.

Lucy Warner Blue Lotus Counselling Liphook Hampshire West Sussex Surrey Grief Anxiety Depression

I work with a range of issues including:

grief and bereavement
identity issues
anger management
work related issues
relationship issues - for example friends, family or loved ones)



health related issues

I offer an initial free of charge 30 minute phone session explaining how I work in more detail, and gain an understanding of what you are looking to achieve from therapy.


You can decide if you feel you can work with me and I can answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

I specialise in Grief and Bereavement counselling and working with ill-health and chronic illness.


I have been a nurse for nearly 30 years. and have worked as a Macmillan Nurse in the community and hospital, a hospice nurse and a GP surgery. I am passionate about supporting clients and their families affected by chronic illness such as cancer and other long- term conditions.


I also have extensive experience in grief and bereavement counselling, whether this is due to the death of a loved one, or due to loss in relationships, friendships, work or health. Grief can be associated with many forms of loss (including following a separation, divorce or a job), as well as the processing related to bereavement of a loved one.

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