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When I came to counselling, I felt so low and confused that I wasn’t sure how or where to start. Lucy quickly made me feel comfortable by listening without judgement and engaging with what I told her. We worked together to identify and focus in on the core of my worries. Throughout this, Lucy challenged me enough to help me keep progressing but not so much that I felt any pressure from her – it was all at my pace. Counselling with Lucy has had a very positive impact on me; I feel stronger, more resilient and, best of all, far happier.


I booked to see Lucy to discuss some long-standing anxiety issues I have, having never been for counselling before I was quite apprehensive.  However, this  feeling was quickly dis-spelled.  Lucy has a warm, calm, empathetic manner and although she challenged me during the sessions I never felt uncomfortable or pressured.  I now have a different perspective on my issues and have strategies in place to use if necessary.  I would always be happy to see Lucy again if I felt the need.
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